10Gbps.io Expands to Asia, Starts Offering Dedicated Servers in Singapore

10Gbps.io, a provider of customizable dedicated servers based in London, UK, has announced its expansion to the Asia-Pacific markets. Its newest location, the Racks Central DC, is in the very heart of this high-growth region, Singapore.

The newly announced expansion would ensure faster delivery of data, decreasing the latency significantly for all users in the Asia-Pacific region.

10gbps.io“Up until now, if a client wanted to deliver data to the APAC region, we would recommend the closest and most suitable location in the US, the Los Angeles DC,” said Tereza Hubkova, product and sales manager, 10Gbps.io. “The demand for interconnection in the Asia-Pacific and locally routed traffic is growing day by day, that is why we decided to expand our services to Singapore.”

The new location at Singapore, the Racks Central data center is an important addition to the robust network 10Gbps.io has, expanding over 5 continents with 27 points of presence (PoPs). “We are constantly trying to innovate and expand our services in reaction to our customer’s demand,” said Zdenek Cendra, founder and CEO of 10Gbps.io. “The extensive technological background and flexibility we offer is something that allows our clients to grow with us in any way they require.”

10Gbps.io specializes in providing “high-performance” dedicated servers with unshared 10Gbps ports to all its users. 24/7 network monitoring and cooperation with six global transit providers would ensure a steady network with enough reserved connectivity for all of its users.