1&1 Internet UK Debuts Shared Hosting Offering with International Content Delivery Network (CDN)

web-hosting-uk1&1 Internet’s office in de United Kingdom (UK) has debuted a new Shared Hosting range engineered to deliver the ultimate performance and flexibility for hosting a website. As part of this new offering,  the UK arm of 1&1 Internet AG in Germany has integrated a CDN (Content Delivery Network) solution to offer Shared Hosting customers enhanced speed-to-delivery for their website visitors.

1&1 UK’s existing Shared Hosting platform has been redesigned to offer more freedom of choice and flexibility regarding optimization methods. Therefore, the 1&1 App Center not only contains popular 1&1 Click & Build Applications, it now also comes with two types of installation options: a ‘safe mode’ and a ‘free mode’.

CDN: 23 locations worldwide

The ‘safe mode’ option’ offers the convenience of a managed platform, with 1&1 performing critical security updates and ensuring installed App versions are up-to-date for the customer. Other website owners might need increased development facilities to adapt their Apps with outside, self-made plug-ins, themes or code. For those customers, 1&1’s new ‘free mode’ option would be ideal, offering installation of an App within a few clicks, but with complete coding freedom. Customers can easily switch a 1&1 Click & Build Application from ‘safe’ mode to ‘free’ mode as their needs change.

1&1 integrated a CDN (content-delivery network) to offer its UK customers Shared Hosting with enhanced speed-to-delivery for their website visitors. The CDN caches static content from 1&1 customer websites in 23 locations around the world, thereby storing those files closer to end visitors and helping sites load faster. All dynamic content of websites is still delivered directly from 1&1’s servers, and all master copies remain safely in 1&1 secure data centers.

Guaranteed RAM

1&1 Unlimited and Unlimited Plus packages include 1&1 CDN, and customers with SSL or mobile sites are also offered the option of a Plus version via their control panel. 1&1 Unlimited Plus package customers will now also receive guaranteed website performance of 2GB RAM for free. Such guaranteed RAM would provide a performance level similar to that of server resources.

Recognizing the importance of mobile optimized websites, 1&1 has also launched a new Mobile Website Builder, allowing customers to create a new website or simply convert an existing design into a new mobile compatible version. The tool allows easy adaptation of links, graphics, colors and text. Included free with the 1&1 Unlimited and Unlimited Plus package, other customers can also order the feature into their package.

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