Large Hosting Providers Choose to Deploy SolidFire All-SSD

SolidFire, the all-flash storage systems vendor, is rapidly gaining popularity among hosting providers. Eleven large cloud hosting providers have recently launched new services fueled by SolidFire’s all-SSD storage systems. 

all-ssd-storageTen of those hosting providers are completely new to SolidFire’s client base. Those companies, Clearview International (Dallas, TX),  Codero Hosting (Austin, TX), DRFortress (Honolulu, HI), GetCloudServices (Fort Pierce, FL), OnRamp (Austin TX), QuoVadis (Hamilton, BM), ServInt (Reston, VA), IaaS hosting provider Internap, managed (cloud) services provider Datapipe, and Webhuset (Bergen, Norway) have launched brand new cloud and managed hosting offerings with SolidFire as their primary block storage solution.

iWeb (Montreal,CA), already a SolidFire customer, has launched an additional self-service cloud offering supplementing its OpenStack based iWeb managed cloud hosting platform.

Flash becomes a differentiator

SolidFire’s native ability to manage performance and capacity independently, along with the ability to scale out to over 3.5 PB and 7.5 million predictable IOPS, would give hosting providers greater control and flexibility in the solutions they can offer to their custome

rs. Hosting providers would be able to offer a broad range of storage services with guaranteed performance all from a single platform – delivering a predictable application experience.

“As flash media decreases in price, and performance becomes increasingly crucial, end-users will start to look to their hosting service providers to offer all flash options,” said Philbert Shih, Founder and Managing Director at Structure Research. “The right balance between cost, performance and capabilities is going to be a critical point of differentiation for hoster and service provider-operated clouds.”

Codero and iWeb

“SolidFire allows iWeb to deliver unique solutions to our customers,” said Christian Primeau, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, iWeb

“The rich API available with the SolidFire system allowed us to deliver a superior quality of service guarantee to our customers, and also pass through a high level of control via the Codero Server Portal,” said Chandler Vaughn, Sr. Vice President of Product Management, Codero. “Our partnership with SolidFire allowed us to productize our Cloud Block Storage offering faster and more effectively.”

“The ability to manage storage capacity separate from storage performance allows iWeb to deliver unique solutions to our customers from a deeply integrated, single back-end system,” said Christian Primeau, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, iWeb. “We can be very efficient operationally by using SolidFire and OpenStack and we are passing those cost savings on to our customers.”