1&1 Starts Offering Free SSL Wildcard Certificate with Every Web Hosting Package

One of the world’s largest web hosting providers, 1&1, has unveiled its offering of a free SSL wildcard certificate with every hosting package, to assist website operators to protect their domain including all subdomains. An SSL-encrypted website is identified by HTTPS and a green lock symbol in the web browser, ensuring visitors that it is a secured website that they can trust.

For search engines like Google, SSL is a positive feature that would lead to a better ranking of websites and online retailers that are displayed in search results. 1&1 has also developed a new SSL infrastructure that would guarantee fast domain validation within minutes of online installation and also block DDoS attacks in all data traffic.

1&1 is providing its free SSL Wildcard in partnership with Digicert, one of the world’s largest certificate issuers and Internet security experts. 1&1 also offers additional SSL certificates for a fee, which differ in their additional level of security, validation and specific application area (websites, blogs, companies, organizations and online shops).

WordPress Hosting

1&1 has made it possible for website owners to transmit encrypted data transmission online with a DV (Domain Validated) SSL certificate for free since 2016. Now, 1&1 is going one step further by offering one free DV Wildcard certificate per customer contract in all web hosting packages that are offered.

Users of the Wildcard certificate can expect to receive the protection of their main website domain and an unlimited number of subdomains. Website operators also have the option to secure several website sections such as a content area, retail pages and help areas (e.g.: blog.mywebsite.com, shop.mywebsite.com and help. mywebsite.com) all at once, which would also simplify

HTTPS provisioning

The following customers and subscribers would have access to the free certificate with “just” one click:

  • 1&1 MyWebsite customers
  • Owners WordPress Hosting by 1&1
  • 1&1 E-Shop owners
  • 1&1 Cloud Server, Virtual Server, Dedicated Server clients

For more information on the Free SSL Wildcard Certificate, visit: https://www.1and1.com/ssl-certificate.