1&1 UK Launches Entry-level Dedicated Server With Intel ATOM C2750 Processor

1&1-uk-dedicated-servers1&1 Internet, Ltd., the UK arm of 1&1 Internet AG based in Germany, has launched an Intel-powered dedicated server featuring an 8 core ATOM C2750 processor. 1&1’s new entry-level Dedicated Server A8i would fit especially the needs of small and medium sized business users.

The Intel ATOM C2750 processor is unique in that all 3 main controllers (memory, storage and network) are directly attached to the CPU which creates faster communication between them and means faster CPU performance in general.

8 CPU cores

For clients, the use of 8 CPU cores means the server offers ground-breaking speeds, consistently responsive performance and lower latency for this price range. Those requiring processing power for a number of simultaneous intensive computing workloads and Web requests – for example, an online business with significant databases, will thrive on this platform.

Available in Linux, Windows or Managed configurations, the 1&1 Dedicated Server A8i delivers 8 CPU cores, 8 GB of RAM, 2 x 1000 GB SATA hard disk storage, 300Gbit/s external network connectivity, full 64-bit support. There is a choice of 1 month, 12 month and 24 month contract terms. Server management is conducted directly from 1&1’s Control Panel and can be further enhanced with Parallels Plesk 11 included.

Cooperation Intel and 1&1

The new server has been developed in close co-operation between the 1&1 R&D center and Intel in order to meet the high quality requirements 1&1 has for its dedicated servers with regards to reliability, data security and performance.

Dedicated servers are the ideal solution for IT professionals and businesses that require robust server operations for applications and data storage without the capital expenditure or the physical space required for running hardware.