1&1’s Robert Hoffmann On Offering Services Small Businesses Really Want

The growing small business market represents a $600 billion global market for service providers in 5 years, and 1&1’s CEO Robert Hoffmann wants hosts to take advantage of it. He was once a small business owner himself.

While studying business administration in Cologne, Robert started an operation in 1993 that imported vending machines in to Germany. Since then, surprisingly little has changed in how small business conduct their operations – many want to focus on their core business, and don’t see the value in adopting new cloud solutions. Yet, there is much to be gained in mobile, cloud, and artificial intelligence – and it’s up to service providers to help them understand the potential and build solutions that get them there.

In his WHD.global presentation, Robert explains what it means to treat these customers right, speak their language, and establish more industry partnerships that bring different platforms, products and tools to small businesses.

Presentation filmed at WHD.global 2017 in Rust, Germany.

Duration: 25:54
Publisher: CloudFest
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