20 Best VS Code Themes

Here are 20 amazing VS Code themes to switch up your editor’s look. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

In Video: Chris Sev – @chris_sev on Twitter

00:31 One Dark Pro
01:10 Dracula
01:25 Atom One Dark
01:51 GitHub Theme
02:18 Winter is Coming
02:52 Night Owl
03:16 Monokai Pro
03:54 Shades of Purple
04:15 Cobalt2
04:34 Material Theme
05:05 10 Less Popular Themes
05:20 Palenight
05:35 Synthwave ’84
05:55 Nord
06:15 Panda Theme
06:39 Tokyo Night
06:56 Rainglow
07:26 Moonlight II
07:57 Horizon
08:15 Bearded Theme
08:45 Cyberpunk
09:19 Conclusion

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