$20,000 Award From Cloud Storage Provider pCloud Still Looking for Its Owner

pCloud, a cloud storage provider established by a group of IT specialists and global entrepreneurs based in Switzerland, recently announced a 90 days hacking challenge. pCloud offered to pay $20,000 to the hacker that can break into its pCloud Crypto service. There’s less than 30 days remaining till the end of the pCloud Crypto Hacking Challenge.

The challenge was launched at the end of September. Until now, more than 2,000 computer specialists failed to break pCloud’s client-side encryption software, pCloud Crypto. By now, the highest percentage of the hacking attempts have come from the US – 22.05%, followed by India – 11.81% and Great Britain – 10.14%.

The registered participants are given access to an account containing an encrypted folder. Whoever succeeds in decrypting the locked information and send the plain-text files to pCloud will receive an award of $20,000 or its equivalent in Bitcoin. The pCloud Challenge will be opened for hacking attempts until December 28, 2015.

For further information about the pCloud Challenge, please visit http://www.pcloud.com/challenge.

Desktop, Mobile and Web

data-centers-dollars“In order to show how confident we are in our work, we are putting the real platform to the test,” said pCloud’s CEO, Tunio Zafer. “The pCloud Crypto protection is a revolutionary way to keep users’ personal data safe and secure. Only the user and no one else has access to their files. Even pCloud’s administrators are unable to see what is inside the encrypted folders.”

As a Swiss company specialized in developing secured cloud storage and file sharing solutions, pCloud currently has 3 million registered users worldwide. Among the company’s unique features are pCloud Drive; pCloud Crypto; pCloud Business, broad file sharing options, such as creating Upload/Download Links and Inviting users to folders; automatic upload and file synchronization, and many other functionalities.

pCloud offers a full set of applications – for desktop, mobile and web. With pCloud, users can access and work with their files on the go, anytime and anywhere in the world. Plus, by installing any of pCloud‘s applications, users would benefit from having all of their cloud storage space directly accessible on their device, without taking any physical space on user’s computer or mobile.