“2019 Will Be a Challenging and Uncertain Year Around the World”

Equinix CEO Charles Meyers
Charles Meyers, CEO of Equinix

“The world is changing at a faster pace today than ever before,” stated Equinix CEO Charles Meyers in his latest blog post. “Looking at the road ahead, it seems clear that 2019 will be a challenging and uncertain year around the world.” In his blog, Mr. Meyers is reflecting on 2018 and his first 100 days as the CEO of this global colocation services provider with currently 8,000 employees worldwide.

Looking ahead to 2019, Meyers stated that Equinix has to keep a long-term perspective while focusing on further improving their data center services operations. “In my travels and interactions, I heard from customers that the value we provide is distinct, but that we can do more to help them adopt hybrid, multi-cloud architectures, and that we must continue to evolve our buying process.”

Also with regards to reselling partners and Equinix’s customer approach, Meyers thinks there is still room for improvement in 2019. “I heard from our partners that they are fired up about the prospect of providing their solutions and making them easier to procure on Platform Equinix. And I heard from our employees that they should be empowered to work on behalf of customers quickly and effectively – putting them at the center of everything we do.”

To read Charles Meyers full blog post with his findings and reflections as Equinix’s new CEO after being 100 days in office, visit the Equinix website here.

Equinix Nasdaq
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