One of the largest carrier-neutral data center service providers in China, 21Vianet, has chosen Juniper Networks for their very scalable MX series universal routers – to power their recently expanded interconnected data center.

The Juniper Networks MX Series Universal Routing Platforms will be deployed throughout the interconnected data center from 21Vianet with segment routing traffic engineering protocols. This move was recently made to ensure the rising demand for data traffic can be met and to help support the customers of 21Vianet.

Big data has seen explosive growth over the past few years and the Chinese Internet Data Center market has been expanding at a massive rate for the past few years. It’s expected to top US$35 billion by 2022 and will likely present many new opportunities for companies considering digitizing their businesses.

21Vianet Expects Massive Growth

Since 21Vianet is one of the largest carrier-neutral Internet and data center providers in China, they play a very important role in this market. They expect to see incredible growth and demand with their current operation including more than 50 data centers in 20 cities across China. 21Vianet houses more than 51,000 network cabinets and provides massive resources to the world’s second-largest economy in China.

Due to the huge growth seen within the market and the country, 21Vianet has to continue to add new improvements to their data centers to keep up with demand. Adding Juniper Networks to the mix helps to ensure they not only develop a long-term relationship with Juniper but also gain the necessary upgrades to keep up with projected demand.

The newest upgrades for 21Vianet from Juniper Networks will likely provide more scalability and capacity for customers. These upgrades are also expected to add more efficiency and even more automation due to the SR-TE protocols being used.

MX Series Deployed Across Interconnected Data Center

The Juniper Networks MX Series Universal Routing Platforms have already been deployed across the interconnected data center with EVPN-MPLS/VXLAN protocol to ensure network administrators can migrate applications easier and more efficiently. This move is helping 21Vianet continue to establish itself as one of the most influential and one of the largest service providers in the IDC industry throughout China. Juniper Networks offers a crucial partner for the company and provides the technology 21Vianet needs to keep up with the demand for data traffic in this growing market.

More upgrades from 21Vianet can be expected in the future as the IDC industry continues to grow across the globe and in China. It’s likely they will lean on their partnership with Juniper Networks when the next upgrades become necessary as a long-term development strategy has become necessary for 21Vianet to keep up with the overwhelming growth and demand.

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