Asahi Shimbun, Japan’s 2nd largest newspaper, has chosen the Content Delivery Network (CDN) of CDNetworks for reliable and fast delivery of content on its online news site, Asahi Shimbun Digital.

With millions of readers and translated versions in English, Chinese and Korean, Asahi Shimbun Digital required a reliable infrastructure and environment that can maintain high performance, even during traffic spikes. The spread of smart phones and year-over-year increases in traffic volume caused Asahi Shimbun Digital to need a more powerful CDN that also supports mobile devices. Asahi Shimbun Digital switched to CDNetworks after seeing results of faster, more reliable, and more efficient content delivery.

140 PoPs worldwide

CDNetworks’ Content Acceleration (CA) would allow fast display of websites by caching content on 140 global Points of Presence (PoPs) closer to end-users. Content, such as images and videos, is continuously cached on multiple CDNetworks servers, so that content is delivered from the closest server. This would eliminate the latency experienced by users further away from the Japan-based Asahi Shimbun Digital web server, ensuring a great user experience no matter where consumers are located.

Accelerating more than 40,000 global websites and cloud services over our 140 PoPs, CDNetworks serves customers across industries like finance, travel, eCommerce, learning management, high tech, manufacturing and media. The CDN company has offices in the U.S., Korea, China, Japan, and United Kingdom (UK).