3 Hours of Jamstack Conference

5:35 – Principles of Jamstack – and how it can help you win – Phil Hawksworth
42:30 – Phil Hawksworth Q&A
48:14 – Stateful Jamstack – Building Jamstack apps that are stateful – Jamie Dawson
1:15:50 – Special deals with Nimbella! Get help building your Jamstack app!
1:18:13 – Up and Selling with Next.js and Snipcart – Colby Fayock
1:43:55 – Colby Fayock Q&A
1:49:12 – Jamstack FTW: Static Site Generation with Gridsome – Gift Egwuenu
2:20:44 – Gift Egwuenu Q&A
2:26:28 – Closing statements – Special deals with Nimbella. Get help building your Jamstack app!

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