3 things that will improve your website! (…and increase sales)

A website is a work in progress. There is no such thing as a perfect website. In business we all face competitors who are trying to out manoeuvre us and get in front of either our existing or our potential customers. There is no place for complacency.

In my experience though, most small business owners will think that once they have a tick in the ‘build a website’ box that they can relax and wait for the orders to roll in. The trouble is that often they don’t, despite the fact that their statistics show that they are getting traffic.

If you find that you are getting traffic but you are not getting business then this could be because you need to focus more on conversion techniques than on getting more and more traffic. This is a situation I often come across and it is not so difficult, expensive or time consuming to fix.

In fact, there are 3 things that any business owner could do today that won’t cost the earth and which can have a profound effect on conversion rates (i.e. the ratio of the number visitors to your website vs the number of people that either subscribe or buy from you).


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Duration: 7:10
Publisher: Pickaweb
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