3 Ways not to fail your cloud server migration | SherWeb Webinars

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What do most people get wrong with their cloud migration? They forget to plan ahead! Be aware of the most common pitfalls and know how to conquer the boogeyman that is cloud server migration. SherWeb’s experts will show you how to master the migration process.

Join this webinar to learn how to prepare your next migration like a pro:

• Our tried and tested steps to a smooth cloud server migration project
• The different types of migrations to consider
• The most common pitfalls partners stumble on when migrating clients
• The tools that can help smooth out the process, whichever type of migration you are doing

Presented by:

Guillaume specializes in cloud and IaaS technologies with more than 16 years of experience in B2B/B2C platforms. Instrumental in commercializing SherWeb’s public and private cloud, Guillaume is currently introducing further IaaS developments to the market.

Guillaume Boisvert,
Director, Product Management

Duration: 44:33
Publisher: SherWeb
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