4 Easy Steps to Better Project Management

BrightWork, a flexible project management solution that integrates with SherWeb’s SharePoint offering. We’ll tell you how BrightWork will make it easier to track, manage and deliver better projects.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to use BrightWork’s custom templates to get projects started faster

How to track the status, resources and requests for each project

New ways to connect with your team using a simple work management system

Best practices for improving your project management

BrightWork is the most flexible project management solution available on SharePoint, complete with best-practice templates and portfolio management dashboards. Their philosophy can be summarized as “Start, Evolve”, and guarantees greater simplicity for project managers and better visibility for senior executives.

BrightWork’s approach makes it easy for organizations to get started quickly, delivering immediate visibility and control, with the flexibility to mature their practices as the needs of a project or team change.

Duration: 59:58
Publisher: SherWeb
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