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Expert blog by Atman Rathod, co-founder of CMARIX TechnoLabs

For any website, it is extremely important to maintain optimum efficiency, performance and speed. Why should you opt for Managed WordPress Hosting? Here are some key reasons to consider.

Here we are going to explain 4 key reasons to choose managed WordPress hosting for your WordPress website. But before that let us spare a few words on the definition and key characteristics of managed WordPress hosting.

What Exactly is Managed WordPress Hosting?

A hosting solution helps a website to store the entire website data in a publicly accessible server to allow people accessing the data stored in the server on their web browser. Now this server space can be rented and managed by third-party hosting providers while different technical attributes of your website including security, performance, maintenance and features are managed on your own. In case you have an in-house dedicated server for your website, you need to manage everything on your own as well. Both of these solutions are un-managed hosting solutions.

Managed website hosting, in complete contrast to this provides a lot of additional support, features, performance and security optimization and maintenance features apart from hosting the website data on a server. The best thing about managed websites hosting is that it takes away the entire load of responsibilities corresponding to support and maintenance from your shoulder.

Let us now explain the most important benefits that managed WordPress hosting provides for websites.

Ease and Simplicity

With managed hosting taking care of each and every aspect of running a website, the job of the webmaster becomes a lot easier and simple. Some hosting providers even will help you to move your entire website to the new server without any worries.

It is particularly beneficial for any small business website or startups that are just beginning their journey on the web. As everything is managed and taken care of, taking control and managing every aspect of a website becomes just effortless. While a business can concentrate on the content strategy and marketing, the website and the hosting are managed by the experts of the service provider.

Performance, Speed, Support, Data Centers

A considerable portion of website users simply leaves a website just because of slower page loading speed. A lot of churning and instances of leaving a website happens simply because of slower page speed. This is where managed WordPress hosting can help with superior performance and lightning-fast loading speed.

Managed WordPress hosting besides using mist advanced caching technologies, also can help utilizing better bandwidth for a website resulting in fast-paced loading time and instant accessibility. Moreover, managed WordPress hosting also helps website performance by keeping all components of a website up to date.

Managed WordPress hosting also tends to come with expert service to answer your queries and concerns and solve issues that you face with your WordPress hosting solution. Most leading managed hosting providers provide round the clock support over phone calls, live chats and email.

Apart from ensuring top-notch performance with the server hosting, managed hosting also tends to provide a bigger infrastructure consisting of data centers placed strategically around the globe. Sometimes these data centers are spread across dozens of locations across the world. This helps the websites to choose data centers close to their location to ensure optimum distribution of traffic and maximum page loading speed.

Automatic Backups

Atman Rathod
Atman Rathod, co-founder of CMARIX TechnoLabs

Another major concern for ‘unmanaged’ hosting is that they do not take full responsibility for protecting your data from possible losses that happen due to any physical harm to the servers, technical fault and a host of other reasons. With the hosting managed entirely on your own, your website data is always vulnerable to data losses because you don’t get automatic backups unless you opt for such a package and configuration.

With managed hosting you get free automatic backups and setting it up doesn’t involve any additional cost. You are provided with an easy to use the dashboard to take a number of backups for the entire website data. For any innovative business focusing on constant engagement through unique features and content, automatic backups can come as very handy.

Managed WordPress hosting comes with an array of developer-friendly features that are not provided by a shared hosting provider. Some of these crucial features of managed hosting include SSH access, Composer, HeidiSQL, Sequel Pro, and Git. Generally shared hosts coming without these developer-friendly resources need to be managed on your own.

Security Enhancements

With shared hosting malware threats are common as the hosting providers don’t provide any additional safeguard or security features to deal with them. In case your website is hacked or the security is compromised, they don’t provide any assistance.

In contrast, most of the leading managed WordPress hosting services provide good support for any security issues and in instances of hacking. They offer comprehensive help to take care if malware threats. From free hack repair to malware removal to real-time security checks and proactive security enhancements, managed WordPress hosting provides everything to take care of your security concerns.

Apart from the server-level security, managed hosting providers also tend to take care of your account security with utmost seriousness. The security experts of managed hosting providers can deliver the best time-tested suggestions to strengthen your security. They can suggest utilizing the two-factor authentication to control access to your website data and features. The dashboard provided by a hosting provider itself can provide an application that helps to implement and managing two-factor authentication.


The above-mentioned features are crucial for a brand website that doesn’t want to compromise on user experience, features, traffic engagement and business conversion. These features and benefits that managed WordPress hosting comes with will also help a business saving time, effort and money on website management. With so much of values packed with managed hosting, a website can concentrate on its content, marketing and other avenues of digital presence.

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