45% of U.S. Database Professionals and Managers Now Managing Relational Databases in the #Cloud

Cloud technology currently plays a significant role in database hosting that will continue to grow, according to a new survey that was conducted among more than 200 database professionals and managers at organizations across North America. Quest Software commissioned Unisphere Research to conduct the survey and gain insight into the evolving challenges of DBAs.

The survey found that 45% of respondents are currently managing relational databases in the cloud. Another third anticipate managing relational databases in the cloud within a year. The incorporation of cloud technologies will be the biggest challenge and, ultimately, will have the greatest impact on DBAs over the next three years.

Database Automation, Tools

The survey also found that automation is a key factor in changing the way DBAs go about their responsibilities, as RDBMS vendors, database tools vendors, and cloud services provide vehicles for DBAs to more effectively perform their duties. By reducing the amount of time DBAs must spend on routine administrative tasks, automation is allowing them to expand their roles in other areas such as application development and other strategic IT initiatives.

patrick-o'keeffe-quest-software“As evidenced by this important new research, the role of today’s DBA is evolving as businesses increasingly adopt a variety of database platforms across the organization, both on-premise and in the cloud, to manage the high volume of business-critical data and applications across the organization,” said Patrick O’Keeffe, Executive Director, Software Engineering, Quest Software. “Easy-to-use and reliable automation tools will play a critical role in helping DBAs navigate the changing database ecosystem and empower them play an active role in the growth of their business.”

To download a copy of the survey report, click here.

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