5 Options for Moving to the Cloud & Why You Should Rehost

COVID-19 has accelerated the movement to the cloud for many organizations undergoing digital transformation. Leaders are forced to decide whether to abandon older applications not built for the cloud or rebuild them from scratch. But there is a better way using rehosting. Learn what rehost is in the cloud, the difference between rehost, replatform, and revise, and why choose VMware Private Cloud to gain availability, cost savings, performance, and security.

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Chapters โŒ›
1:10 – 5 Options for Moving to the Cloud
1:21 – COVID-19 Acceleration of Movement to the Cloud
2:44 – Option 1: Replace Your App with SaaS
3:47 – Option 2: Rebuild Your App from Scratch
4:50 – Option 3: Revise Your OS Before Moving
6:05 – Option 4: Replatform Your App to Move to PaaS
6:57 – Option 5: Rehost App As-Is to Move to IaaS
8:34 – Why Choose to Rehost
8:49 – 5 Benefits of Rehosting
9:15 – Increase Availability of Apps
10:30 – Cost Savings Through Deferred CapEx
11:38 – Improved Hardware Performance
12:25 – Greater Network and Physical Security
13:23 – Fastest Total Migration Speed
14:20 – Why Choose VMware Private Cloud
14:52 – Suite of Tools for VMware Version Upgrade
15:32 – Designed for High Availability, Performance, and Security
16:11 – Hybrid Solutions to Match Clientโ€™s End Environment


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