5 Things to Do for Better Google Cloud Platform Performance

Colt McAnlis Google Cloud PlatformEXPERT BLOG – It would be quite easy to make small Google Cloud Platform configuration changes, location updates or architectural changes that can inadvertently limit the networking performance of a system. In this blog, Colt McAnlis, – Senior Staff Developer Advocate at Google – has compiled the top-5 things one can do to get the most out of their Google Cloud Platform deployments.

Know your tools

Testing your networking performance is the first step to improving your cloud environment. Here are the tools I use on a daily basis:

  • Iperf – a network testing tool that can create TCP/UDP data streams and measure the throughput of the network that carries them
  • Netperf – a network testing tool, which is also used by the PerfKitBenchmark suite to test performance and benchmark the various cloud providers against one another
  • traceroute – a computer network diagnostic tool to measure and display packets’ routes across a network
  1. Put instances in the right zones

One important thing to remember about network latency is that it’s a function of physics. The farther away two machines are, the higher their latency will be. Thankfully, the Google Cloud Platform has data center locations all around the world, making it easy to put your compute close to your users.

It’s worthwhile to take a regular look at where your instances are deployed and see if there’s an opportunity to open up operations in a new region. Doing so will help reduce latency to the end user, and also help create a system of redundancy to help safeguard against various types of networking calamity.

Picking something too large can cause you to over-provision (and overpay!), while too few cores place a hard limit on your maximum throughput speeds.

The following three steps would also contribute to better Google Cloud Platform performance. You can read the full blog post written by Colt McAnlis here.

  1. Choose the right core-count for your networking needs
  2. Use internal over external IPs
  3. Right-size your TCP window
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