6 Social Media Dos and Don’ts | 123-reg

Nick Leech, Group Marketing Director at 123-reg, presents you a series of six important things that need to be done or avoided on social media.

The first ‘DON’T’ of social media is to spam. By this, you are recommended to avoid repeating the same message under the same form. You can post the same idea, but do it in a different way each time, spacing it out a little bit and also tailoring it for the audience on each social media channel you use (be it Facebook, Twitter or others).

Secondly, do not let criticism get in your way when engaging with your followers. Some users may say good things about your brand, others may be critical or neutral about it. The important thing is to engage with your detractors in order to show them that there is a person behind your brand that pays attention to what they have to say, even if it is a negative comment. The essence of the social media is to interact, therefore do not give the silent treatment to the ones who talk about you and your brand. And, while you’re at it, don’t shy away from being controversial, it is better to stand out in this way rather than be dull.

A third thing to avoid is neglecting your social platforms. Once you have started using social media channels, keep them ‘active’ and up to date, vacancy would have nothing good to say about your brand.

The fourth element in the present series of Swift 6 is to do some research on your followers and their topics of interest so you can better engage them in the future. Be willing to go beyond the references to your brand and see what your followers are talking and posting about. Interact with them around one of their posts. Social media such as Twitter or Facebook help you in this respect as they provide quite detailed statistics about the people who are following you, including information such as age, gender, location. Make use of it in order to understand who is following you and, thus, create and tailor your content to better reach your audience.
One of the things you need to DO on social media is to be passionate and dynamic in communicating yourself. Platitude and meekness won’t do your brand any favour, so you need to talk your business up, engage with social media users and attract them.

Last, but not least, you should add value by creating unique content about your brand. Don’t limit yourself only to posting links to items of popular news of which everybody is already aware, but also try to come up with new pieces of information that no one has come across. If you do reiterate an already existing post, make sure you approach it in a completely original way. This will help you stand out and be memorable.

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Duration: 5:2
Publisher: 123 Reg
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