6 Tips to engage your social media audience | 123-reg

In this new Swift 6 material, Nick Leech, Group Marketing Director at 123-reg, presents you the main six elements that help you engage your audience on social media.

The starting point is to establish a connection with the people that are talking about you and your brand by means of tools such as TweetDeck, which enables you to set up a search for your brand name. This will notify you whenever someone mentions it and will allow you to interact with them be it under the form of a message or a reply to what they have said (even if it is a negative statement). The important thing is to ‘react’ and show that there is a person behind your brand.

Secondly, bear in mind that social media has a continuous ‘operating’ schedule. Therefore, you will need to remain active as long as possible. To do so, you can resort to instruments such as Buffer to schedule posts even after your work hours. This will help you create the appearance of involvement in an activity which is more than a function of what you do when you are at work. The earlier mentioned tool will ensure that your posts are published when you are not at the office and create the premises for a constant engagement with your followers.

A third modality to engage your social audience is to organise promotions and competitions about your brand and products. Seeing that most people follow brands on social media either to get discounts or to enter competitions, it is an important thing on which you should capitalise. It is not necessary that you offer discounts, but at least create a competition in which users can enter if they tweet about you, leave a comment to a post or make a status update around your brand. This type of action will transmit your brand message further to the followers of the persons who enter your competition.

A fourth way in which you can interact with your audience on social media is to create authentic and unique content about and for your brand. Don’t limit yourself only to re-posting interesting news you have come across on a popular news source, but also try to give it a personal touch by expressing your opinions on the respective topic or, even more, to come up with something totally new. Make your brand name prominent among your users with a certain particularity.

The fifth element in our current Swift 6 material resides in providing relevant content that goes beyond the function of promoting your products. The main reason of your presence online is to advertise your services or products, but think of supplementary ways in which you can help out the potential customers and write blog posts about the respective aspects. Don’t focus only on selling your solution to their problem, give the users extra material.

Last, but not least, try not to spam by pushing the same message all over again. Avoid repetition as it makes your posts tedious and it may determine your users to lose interest. A maximum of ten posts a day should be enough for you to keep an active status on social media.

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Duration: 5:17
Publisher: 123 Reg
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