6-Week Blogging Challenge | The Awkward Years Project

Back in 2013, Merilee Benson shared a photo of herself holding up a middle school portrait. From that photo, came the Awkward Years Project, a blog that shows people who may be going through a tough time that their greatness is in the making.

That one photo turned into a collection of submissions from people around the world embracing the awkward — sharing vulnerable stories and photos of times when they didn’t feel at their best, and stories of how they overcame it.

Over the years, The Awkward Years Project and Merilee’s blog got away from her, but she’s reviving her passion project with a 6-week blogging challenge, where she’ll be working on re-started The Awkward Years Project on a daily basis. Each week, Merilee will be sharing what she accomplished, what she’s struggling with, and a nonprofit that she loves.

Follow along Merilee’s journey as she gets started blogging again and join in if you’re looking to pick back up an old passion project or blog!

Follow Merilee: https://www.instagram.com/awkwardyearsproject/
Welcome To The Awkward Years: https://awkwardyearsproject.com/welcome-to-the-awkward-years/
Submit a photo: https://awkwardyearsproject.com/submit-a-photo/

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