64G Fibre Channel Emulex Host Bust Adapters Introduced by Broadcom

Broadcom has unveiled its Emulex Gen 7 LPe36000-series Host Bust Adapters and its immediate availability. As a 64G Fibre Channel HBA, it enables an end-to-end 64G data path for customers. Adding this product to their offerings would provide a complete portfolio enabling the ability to build a Gen 7 64G network.

Photo Jack Rondoni, senior vice president and general manager, Brocade Storage Networking division, Broadcom
“Broadcom end-to-end 64G SAN technology is fueling storage innovation that will drive the industry for the next decade,” said Jack Rondoni, senior vice president and general manager, Brocade Storage Networking division, Broadcom.

Reducing the query time by half with the new 64G Fibre Channel Host Bust Adapters, according to Broadcom, a Gen 7 64G network is now possible with this new technology suited for data centers.

The end-to-end 64G SAN technology offers a fueling storage innovation that would have the capability to drive the industry over the next decade. According to Broadcom, it may just set a new standard for applications management and performance with more speed and the autonomous SAN Technology.

“We are seeing that data center customers continue to choose Fibre Channel to power their mission-critical, highly-secure applications,” said Seamus Crehan, president, Crehan Research. “The Fibre Channel market remains strong, spearheaded by NVMe over Fibre Channel, coupled with growing flash-based storage array deployments. We believe the market will adopt higher-performance 64G Fibre Channel to further increase customer’s ROI on all-flash array purchases.”

A Leader in Innovation

By releasing this 64G optic, Broadcom intends to stay at the top as a leader in innovation. With 64G connectivity for the Broadcom switches, it would now be possible for Emulex HBAs to power the highest-performing storage networks in the world.

Most SAN-based applications saw dramatically improved performance during testing, says Broadcom. The Emulex LPe3600-series 64G HBAs saw results with the following:

  • Oracle data warehousing runtime was reduced by 87% compared to 32G
  • PCIe 4.0 saw a 63% improvement in performance compared to the PCIe 3.0 server
  • Storage migration times were cut by around 38%

With new PCIe 4.0 servers, higher performance was seen by the Tolly Group. All-flash storage paired with the new 64G technology showed much higher performance throughout the testing.

Leadership in Performance from Emulex

With record-setting 10 million IOPS, Emulex HBA’s would offer two times higher performance compared to previous generations.

The Emulex LPe36000-series comes standard with NVMe over Fibre Channel drivers giving it “the best SAN connectivity possible” to empower data centers transitioning to NVMe/FC without needing fork-lift upgrades.

A New Emulex SAN Manager

Along with the new HBA, Emulex has introduced the Emulex SAN Manager Version 1.2. This version helps to extend Broadcom’s autonomous SAN technology to storage and serve end-points. With single Paine-of-glass visibility, this SAN Manager helps to maximize uptime and pinpoint multi-pathing errors. Improved application performance with automatic identification and better mitigation of network congestion is possible with this new SAN Manager.

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