7 Use Cases in 7 Minutes Each : The Power of Workflows and Automation (SVC101) | AWS re:Invent 2013

The Amazon Simple Workflow (Amazon SWF) service is a building block for highly scalable applications. Where Amazon EC2 helps developers scale compute and Amazon S3 helps developers scale storage, Amazon SWF helps developers scale their business logic. Customers use Amazon SWF to coordinate, operate, and audit work across multiple machines—across the cloud or their own data centers. In this power-packed session, we demonstrate the power of workflows through 7 customer stories and 7 use cases, in 7 minutes each. We show how you can use Amazon SWF for curating social media streams, processing user-generated video, managing CRM workflows, and more. We show how customers are using Amazon SWF to automate virtually any script, library, job, or workflow and scale their application pipeline cost-effectively.

Duration: 48:4
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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