8-Step Hardening Checklist for Windows and Linux Servers

Server hardening doesnโ€™t have to be hard. Learn what server hardening is and how to harden your Windows or Linux server in 8 easy steps using this handy checklist guide. Make sure to watch until the end for recommended tools!

Server hardening helps to identify security vulnerabilities in your server and take the necessary steps to avoid breaches, data loss, or business interruption. With the right server hardening tools and standards, your Windows or Linux server security stance can be strengthened.

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Chapters โŒ›
:20 – What is Server Hardening?
:35 – 1. Enforce a Strong Password Policy
:40 – 2. Configure Automatic Updates
:47 – 3. Restrict Root Access
:55 – 4. Ensure Network Firewall Blocks All Inbound Traffic by Default
1:04 – 5. Update Antivirus Software Often
1:15 – 6. Disable and Uninstall Unused Applications
1:25 – 7. Configure Routine Backups for Critical Assets
1:35 – 8. Enable Logging and Monitor All System Events
1:44 – Use Server Secure Plus at Liquid Web


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