A Deeper Dive into Fleet Management

A few weeks ago we looked at fleet management from the perspective of how our processes impact customers. Now we’re taking a deeper look at Fleet Management with the folks who run much of our cloud infrastructure.

Introduction (00:00:00)
Overview of fleet management (00:06:26)
Requirements (00:09:00)
Ease of use (00:11:36)
Tools for automation (00:14:09)
New users for existing tools (00:18:03)
Building tools for automation (00:20:27)
Ansible and OpenStack (00:22:59)
Healing architecture (00:26:31)
Monitoring tools (00:30:28)
Traffic direction (00:32:51)
OpenStack ecosystems (00:34:29)
Auditing process (00:39:52)
Putting it all together (00:41:20)
Visualization (00:49:54)
Experience equals customer satisfaction (00:52:19)

Duration: 55:11
Publisher: Rackspace
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