ADVA believes they have a clear route to open DCI networking through the 400ZR technologies they recently introduced with Acacia and Inphi.

With data centers needing to transition to multi-vendor, high-capacity architectures, ADVA, Acacia, and Inphi have showcased what is being called the best-in-breed 400ZR DCI solution. The announcement from ADVA and the demo showed how the company has successfully been able to interoperate the next-generation FSP 3000 DCI open line system and the QSFP-DD 400SR modules from Acacia Communications and Inphi Corporation. The tests provided a look at a clear path towards commercial deployments of this complete solution offering several benefits.

During the trial, a low-owner 400ZR pluggable QSFP-DD transceiver from Acacia and Inphi was used with 400Gbit/s WDM transport and the ADVA FSP 3000 DCI OLS. By using real-world conditions, the demo featured a fully-loaded spectrum and even went as far as to validate three-way line-side interoperability. The test results showed an ecosystem that exceeded expectations and provides a possible way for cost-effective large-scale DCI network operators to route to a future-proof, dynamic, and open environment.

The Market’s Most Comprehensive OLS Platform

The ADVA FSP 3000 DCI OLS may be the most comprehensive OLS platform on the market today. Its modular and open design takes away the restrictions of a closed system and provides DCI network operators with the control they need. ADVA brings incredible experience with APIs in DCI architectures to the table and this platform extends SDN to the transport layer. The ability to interoperate with any standards-based DWDM pluggable optics, the ADVA DCI OLS offers components engineered for the 400ZR DCI demands.

Pluggable Silicon Photonics Innovation from Acacia

With a history of working to drive down power consumption levels, cost, and size, Acacia brings experience with pluggable silicon photonics innovation to the table. By offering the 400Gbit/s coherent pluggables, bandwidth demands can be better supported while using more power-efficient solutions giving operators more flexibility.

About ADVA

ADVA was founded on innovation and provides the building blocks of the digital future. By empowering networks across the world, ADVA continues to develop software and hardware as a leader in the networking industry. With the open connectivity solutions from ADVA, customers can deliver mobile and clout services for those in today’s society, while helping to shape the future.

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