A Glimpse Into CBS Interactive’s AI/ML Group (Cloud Next '19)

Machine learning and transfer learning is the key to getting off the ground — from zero to production. With a small team utilizing the Google Cloud APIs and Cloud AutoML components, we’ve been able to go from nothing to functioning systems that enrich our content data and build other services on top. The key is “applied,” such that transfer learning, e.g., building customized models and services on top of Google Cloud services, is opening up a new platform. We’ll discuss our stack and where this can go.

CBS Interactive’s AI/ML Group → http://bit.ly/2UgdH2F

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Speaker(s): Robert Harrigan, Adam Leary, Andrew Schwartz

Session ID: MLAI213
product:AutoML Natural Language,Kubernetes Engine,Cloud Vision API,Cloud Speech API; fullname:Andrew Schwartz;

Duration: 35:20
Publisher: Google Cloud
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