A is for Azure: A New Icon for the World’s Computer

Our new Azure icon is a refreshed representative of the Azure ideal: Invent with purpose. We’ve updated it in the modern spirit of the Microsoft Fluent design system, so it feels like a natural part of the Microsoft family. It embodies the qualities we want Azure to stand for: Innovative, modern, and familiar. A modern icon for the World’s Computer.

Credits: C+AI Narratives: Ben Erickson, Cassandra Rodriguez, Eric Youngstrom, Josh Keckley, Nick Junke, Otto Arsenault, Ryan Fernan, Sofia Rybin, Traver Philips RISE NYC: Andre Holzmeister, Andre Poli, Etienne Du Jardin, Flavio Montiel, Flavio Vidigal, Matheus Nobre, Pedro Vidigal Azure A Team Contributors: Doug Kim, Jason Kilpatrick, Jennifer Han, Joe Hallock, Julien Tauban, Matthieu James, Pallavi Damera, Sang In Lee, Steph Battershell

Learn more: https://aka.ms/inventwithpurpose

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Duration: 00:01:00
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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