HeleCloud, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, has launched its Cloud Transformation Advisory Services. These services are aimed at retail brands looking to benefit from the public cloud.

The Retail Architecture Review service from HeleCloud has been designed to assist retail organizations with accelerating their adoption of new cloud technologies. This service can help to improve the retailers’ costs, time to market, and help them address the needs of their customers as they recover from the pandemic.

A Shift to Online Retail Faster Than Expected

When the pandemic hit, the retail sector had to change quickly. Online retail skyrocketed, while brick-and-mortar retail closed up. Many retailers had to move online much faster than they expected and had to adapt and transform their digital presence.

Without the ability to do so, survival wasn’t guaranteed, stated HeleCloud. The company is now aiming to make things easier for retail brands with their new Cloud Transformation Advisory Services. These services will provide a conversation with a retail consultant from HeleCloud to help any retail-specific business figure out how to best deal with challenges and the needs of their individual business. While this service is mostly about exploring how cloud hosting can help the retailer, it will also help to address the following three areas:

  • Security – A vital part of any retail organization is the cybersecurity they use to protect customers as they shop online. HeleCloud can help to address the needs of retailers as they make the switch to the digital world.
  • Customer Experience – Of course, creating a great customer experience online is vital to the success of any retail brand. It’s more important than having the best product or the lowest price, in most cases. By using the cloud, retailers have the ability to use new technology to make the customer experience even better.
  • Data Analysis – HeleCloud can also help retail brands understand the requirements and needs of their customers better. By migrating to the Cloud, customer data becomes centralized into Data Lakes, which makes it possible to create a more strategic plan.

While retail companies had already started to invest heavily in the cloud, the pandemic caused many to speed up the process. Making sure your brand is found online quickly and easily has become more important than ever. Some experts predict the cloud will grow globally from about an $11 billion market in 2018 to about $48 billion by 2025.

HeleCloud is aiming to help retailers between now and then realize all the benefits of the cloud when it comes to security, modernization, customer experience, and a seamless transition to a more digital age than ever before.

About HeleCloud

A company based in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and The Netherlands, HeleCloud is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner providing strategic technology consultancy, 24/7 Cloud-based management services, and engineering services. HeleCloud aims to help customers take advantage of using the cloud to reduce costs, accelerate growth, and get back to focusing on their core business with more confidence with cybersecurity and compliance.