A Risk driven model for balancing Optimization and Innovation in the multi-speed enterprise

Organizations have been struggling with models to classify their applications, such as: ‘Systems of Record vs Engagement’, ‘Bi-modal IT’, ‘Multi-speed IT’, etc. However, these models do not leverage what really matters to business: Risk. This session will introduce a model for classifying applications based on Risk. At one end of the spectrum we have applications that have a high-risk tolerance, and at the other end those with a low risk tolerance. The video discusses how to map practices, tools and team models based on an application’s risk-value profile. The video also presents how to work towards the final goal – achieving the right balance between Innovation and Optimization, based on business need. Learn more: http://ibm.biz/Bdjdb9

Link to Sanjeev Sharma’s book, The DevOps Adoption Playbook: http://a.co/fiXAb73

Duration: 6:26
Publisher: IBMcloud
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