A10 Networks Partners with Verisign to Enable Hybrid DDoS Mitigation Strategies for Customers

A10 Networks, a global provider of application networking and security solutions, has announced a collaboration with Verisign to enable hybrid DDoS mitigation strategies for customers. A10 Networks further announced enhancements to its multi-vector DDoS protection solution, Thunder TPS (Threat Protection System) – including the ability to send alerts to Verisign’s cloud-based DDoS Protection Service using the OpenHybrid API.

A10 Networks’ DDoS protection solution, Thunder TPS 3.2, enables organizations to intelligently provide an always-on application experience. New features and customer benefits would include:

  • Smarter DDoS attack detection and dynamic mitigation with Thunder TPS 3.2 – Traffic baselines leverage multi-protocol behavioral indicators to learn peacetime network conditions, enabling precise detection of anomalies. Dynamic mitigation policies escalate suspect traffic through progressively tougher countermeasures to minimize legitimate traffic drops. DevOps can leverage event-based scripting for increased operational agility.
  • Automated signaling for volumetric attack protection through Verisign’s cloud DDoS protection service – The redirection option utilizes the Verisign OpenHybrid API to provide anomaly information and can trigger a swing of customer’s traffic to Verisign’s cloud-based services when volumetric DDoS protection is needed. This hybrid solution broadens the market reach of Thunder TPS to enterprises with limited Internet bandwidth.
  • Integration with existing DDoS solutions for investment protection – Leveraging open networking standards, Thunder TPS mitigation integrates easily with existing DDoS detection solutions. Open networking standards support enables tight integration with many other devices, including SDN controllers and security products.

a10-networks“Devastating multi-vector DDoS attacks are on the rise and in everyday news. Organizations will inevitably become targets of these cyber-attacks, causing major disruptions to their business,” said Sanjay Kapoor, Vice President Global Marketing at A10 Networks. “With the expanded capabilities of Thunder TPS 3.2 and integration with Verisign’s OpenHybrid, organizations can enable the always-on application experience that their customers demand from them.”

In addition to A10 Networks’ Thunder 3.2 and the Verisign DDoS Protection Service, organizations can further complement their DDoS protection with the recently announced:

  • aGalaxy – to streamline operations. Empowering administrators to centrally manage multiple Thunder TPS deployments to enable real-time troubleshooting, incident management and reporting.
  • A10 Threat Intelligence Service – to increase security efficacy. Providing a dynamic intelligence feed that prevents data theft, reduces the network load, and minimizes the attack surface.