ABB Partners with ZincFive: Sustainable NiZn Battery Solutions for Data Centers

ZincFive data center inside

ABB has added ZincFive as an authorized supplier, which will enable the company’s UPS systems to take use of the nickel-zinc (NiZn), environmentally friendly battery-based solutions for data centers offered by ZincFive. Based in Tualatin, Oregon, ZincFive has a product portfolio available that is supported by an expansive portfolio of international patents.

To verify that ZincFive’s nickel-zinc battery-based BC Series UPS Battery Cabinets are fully compatible with ABB’s UPS systems, ABB has done a thorough suite of tests using their MegaFlex UPS portfolio. These tests were conducted in conjunction with ABB.

ABB and ZincFive conducted the testing at their respective facilities in the United States and Switzerland with the goal of certifying ZincFive’s BC Series for use on the ABB MegaFlex UPS platform.

“ABB works closely with innovative companies in order to provide customers with sustainable options,” said Sébastien Surply, Head of Power Protection for ABB Electrification. ZincFive‘s NiZn batteries have undergone extensive testing, which has shown that they satisfy the safety, performance, and reliability criteria of data centers. Our MegaFlex UPS systems will be able to deliver high levels of power protection thanks to the use of NiZn technology, which will also help the decarbonization ambitions of our customers.”

NiZn Batteries vs. Lead-Acid and Lithium Batteries

ABB is now providing nickel-zinc battery solutions with the ZincFive brand for a number of projects where aspects such as footprint, security (no thermal runaway), high ambient temperature operation, and complete life cycle sustainability are being considered throughout the process of selecting an energy storage solution. When compared to lead-acid and lithium chemistries, the ZincFive nickel-zinc battery cabinets’ compact footprint, high working temperature range, and security would provide for a considerable reduction in installation time and expense. Many of these applications are in modular enclosures or containers.

According to ABB, the BC Series of UPS Battery Cabinets offered by ZincFive are the industry’s first nickel-zinc battery energy storage solution that is both backward and forward compatible with megawatt-class UPS inverters. While putting a focus on sustainability, the BC Series would deliver one of the industry’s lowest footprints, minimum maintenance needs, no thermal runaway, and improved reliability, all of which are essential for mission-critical applications.

According to ABB and ZincFive, NiZn batteries manufactured by ZincFive have a climate effect that is much lower than that of lead-acid and lithium batteries.

“Companies such as ABB are leading the industry in bringing the power of good chemistry to the data center market,” said Tim Hysell, CEO and Co-Founder of ZincFive. “As the importance of sustainability in data center backup battery systems continues to grow, companies such as ABB are leading the industry in bringing the power of good chemistry to the data center market. This partnership is a huge advantage for ABB customers because of our shared goal to lowering our carbon footprint as well as our operational expenses without losing the level of safety or performance that we provide.”