Accelerating IoT, Finserv, and Supply Chains with JanusGraph and Cloud Bigtable (Cloud Next ’18)

“Faced with an ever increasing amount of data, the modern enterprise features the complex task of leveraging this data to extract maximum value. On the one hand, much of the value arises from a better understanding of the relationships between entities in the domain under question, a task ideally suited to the popular open source property graph database, JanusGraph. On the other hand, time series data, by its nature, drives much of this growth, whether it be pressure sensors reporting from thousands of natural gas wells to system metrics being collected by any of the many popular infrastructure monitoring solutions, or stock ticks coming in from the NYSE. Time series data is incredibly valuable but can be improved upon when the wider context is joined in through the pairing with the graph database. For this talk, we’ll propose an architecture of JanusGraph and OpenTSDB, both relying on Cloud Bigtable to tackle these classes of problems. Concrete use cases will be covered along with the benefits of running these workloads on a combined platform with Cloud Bigtable backing graph and time series storage.


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Duration: 33:26
Publisher: Google Cloud
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