Acceleration as a Service: How To Boost Workload Performance Up to 10x

Data-intensive workloads supporting database and analytics applications increasingly require more compute and NVMe SSD storage resources. While CPU performance is increasing, it’s not keeping up, especially where accelerated performance is critical. Adding more infrastructure often proves to be cost-prohibitive and hard to manage. As a result, organizations are turning to solutions that free CPUs from computationally intensive storage tasks.

phoenixNAP and Pliops have collaborated to create an infrastructure solution that leverages a new generation of hardware-accelerated data processing and storage management technology that delivers improved performance, reliability, and scalability–without software changes.

In this webinar, experts from phoenixNAP and Pliops discuss the modern data processing and NVMe storage management challenges. Learn how you can leverage the Pliops-powered BMC instance to dramatically boost application performance without compromising data protection, availability, or storage capacity.


• Key challenges for efficiently scaling data-intensive application workloads
• Accelerated cloud services with a Pliops-powered instance
• Optimizing workload performance, reliability, and scalability
• How to Deploy a Pliops-powered instance on Bare Metal Cloud


• William Bell, EVP of Products, phoenixNAP
• Grant Jacobson, Sr. Director, Strategic Alliances, Pliops

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Duration: 00:49:43
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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