Accenture Acquires Swedish Cloud Developer, Cygni

Photo Joel Hofgren, Cloud Infrastructure & Engineering lead at Accenture together with Jon Persson, CEO and founder of Cygni
Left to Right: Joel Hofgren, Cloud Infrastructure & Engineering lead at Accenture together with Jon Persson, CEO and founder of Cygni

IT consultancy company Accenture has acquired Cygni, a cloud native full-stack development firm specializing in digital transformation projects. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Founded in 2006, Cygni employs about 190 people, who will start working now for Accenture’s Cloud First division. Cygni offers a range of IT consulting and implementation services mainly around cloud computing. With headquarters in Stockholm, Cygni has offices across Sweden including Gothenburg, Linkoping, Malmoe, Lulea and Ostersund, as well as an office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Cloud First is a new service division within Accenture that already employs 70,000 people. Accenture is investing three billion dollars into this new division over the next three years. In total, Accenture has 537,000 people on its payroll in 120 countries.

“Today, there is no business leadership without technology leadership. Companies who use technology to master change will define the future,” said Karthik Narain, global lead of Accenture Cloud First. “Having Cygni’s talented team join Accenture Cloud First strengthens our ability to help clients use the cloud and technology innovation to act faster, operate sustainably, and deliver exceptional new experiences. Our new Cygni colleagues bring key skills to help clients master change in an era of compressed transformation.”

Deep Technical Skills

“Ever since Cygni was founded, we have had the vision to be the best place to work for highly skilled and ambitious software developers, which has been the foundation of our success. Now, it is time for the next chapter in our history,” said Jon Persson, CEO and founder of Cygni. “By joining Accenture, our people will get the opportunity to continue to grow even more as an integral part of Accenture Cloud First. Solving huge and challenging problems for local and global clients will create even more opportunities for our people to build their skills and experience.”

“We are delighted to welcome the Cygni team as they bring deep technical skills as well as a strong people culture,” added Joel Hofgren, Cloud Infrastructure & Engineering lead at Accenture Sweden. “Modern software development capabilities are critical to unleashing the transformational power of cloud and adding the exceptional talents of the Cygni team will help propel us forward in realizing our Cloud First ambitions. We look forward to continue to build the best place to work together.”

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