Accenture Releases Latest Version of Its Oracle Cloud Platform, Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has unveiled the latest version (Version 10) of its Oracle Cloud Platform, Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle (AFPO). AFPO is a pre-built, pre-tested Oracle Cloud Platform and on-premise technology architecture that would offer accelerated implementation and strategic guidance to help improve application quality, lower IT cost, and speed deployment.

Building on Accenture and Oracle’s 23-year relationship and the recently announced Accenture Oracle Business Group, AFPO Version 10 would enable cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on premise and cloud-to-custom integrations with the Oracle Cloud Platform.

oracle-cloud-platformThe latest version is purpose-built and configured for the Oracle Cloud. It would help reduce the complexity of cloud deployments, speed the time to implementation, and increase the business value of Oracle solutions for clients. The newest version of AFPO is available now worldwide.

“With the introduction of each new version of the Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle, the technology has become more robust and delivers significant business value for mutual clients,” said Ed Zou, vice president, Product Management, Oracle. “Accenture’s success with Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle is one of the reasons we have awarded them with Oracle Excellence Awards, specifically in the area of Middleware.”

New features in Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle, Version 10 would help provide the ability for clients to:

  • accenture-oracle-cloudExtend Oracle Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications using Oracle Cloud Platform through AFPO’s delivery toolkit and best practices.
  • Integrate Oracle SaaS and Oracle Cloud Platform with non-Oracle cloud applications through the AFPO integration hub.
  • Increase speed of larger cloud-based application transformation programs such as a major upgrade, reinstalling particular modules or planning for Oracle’s future application products.
  • Aggregate disparate cloud platforms together into a single view through AFPO’s cloud monitoring tool.
  • Accelerate the integration of standalone technology implementations. AFPO Version 10 enables best practices for 50+ different Oracle technology products, both traditional on-premise technologies and the new cloud services within Oracle’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

“More than 300 companies are currently capitalizing on the power that the Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle delivers,” said Patrick Sullivan, managing director, Accenture Oracle Technology lead. “Built by the Accenture Oracle Business Group, the Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle allows organizations to accelerate their digital journey through its cloud integration hub. Our clients gain new and enhanced benefits through each version as we continue to offer unique tools to help address their public, private or hybrid cloud requirements.”