Accenture, SAP Jointly Help Large Enterprises Move to the Cloud


Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and SAP (NYSE: SAP) have announced a new collaborative solution to assist large enterprises in moving to the cloud and delivering continuous innovation. The companies expect SOAR with Accenture to be a great complement to RISE with SAP.

The new joint offering combines the RISE with SAP solution and the SOAR with Accenture services offering, as well as new features that cover Accenture’s comprehensive suite of transformation services, including customized cloud services and proprietary intelligent tools, all delivered through a unified as-a-service model.

Accenture is the largest SAP partner with services specifically geared to assist major organizations across sectors in planning, implementing, and managing RISE with SAP in the cloud installations.

“The most successful companies will undergo total enterprise reinvention over the next decade, transforming every part of their business through technology, data and AI, and new ways of working and engaging with customers as well as new business models,” said Julie Sweet, Chair and CEO at Accenture. “SAP and Accenture are now offering the ability for large enterprises to dramatically accelerate their transformations and new opportunities for growth.”

Large companies frequently have large, complicated IT environments with legacy systems that function in silos and obstruct agility, growth, and innovation. This new joint offering from Accenture and SAP helps large enterprises build a clean core on SAP S/4HANA Cloud that can be extended and integrated with other cloud-native business solutions through SAP Business Technology Platform, with enterprise applications that can be tailored to specific needs. This contemporary strategy would help encourage the optimization of business processes, which may lead to long-term gains and quick innovation across the organization.

“SOAR with Accenture is a great complement to RISE with SAP, our cloud-based solution to drive business innovation,” said Christian Klein, CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP. “It enables enterprises with large and complex IT landscapes to accelerate and simplify their business transformation journey while benefitting from the full value of RISE with SAP. Together, Accenture and SAP provide a comprehensive solution to support our customers in becoming intelligent and sustainable enterprises.”

Cloud Transformation Journey

Photo Julie Sweet, Chair and CEO at Accenture
“SAP and Accenture are now offering the ability for large enterprises to dramatically accelerate their transformations and new opportunities for growth,” said Julie Sweet, Chair and CEO at Accenture.

In an integrated delivery approach, RISE with SAP and SOAR with Accenture bring together the critical components that major companies require for cloud-based transformation, such as integrated delivery, cloud infrastructure management, application management, and operations services. These components assist major companies’ particular demands throughout their transformation journey, from the business case to implementation, operations, and innovation. Large organizations may use this to create an efficient operations model that spans SAP and third-party systems, resulting in more flexible running costs and lower upfront costs.

“Bringing together RISE with SAP and SOAR with Accenture helps ensure that our SAP applications are on the latest versions with leading technologies and are based in the cloud for more flexibility,” said Penelope Prett, CIO at Accenture. “The boost in predictability and efficiency allows our global IT organization to focus on modernizing our business applications and other activities that propel value and innovation across the enterprise.”

Accenture’s expertise as one of the first big businesses to conduct its core financial operations on a single, global instance of SAP S/4HANA informs this new joint solution. Accenture will implement the RISE with SAP solution, which is driven by Accenture’s cloud services and adapted to the needs of the company’s global IT department, with the objective of increasing agility, innovation, and value.

This would also build on Accenture and SAP’s more than 40-year alliance collaboration, demonstrating the combined strength of Accenture Cloud First’s leadership position with key cloud hyperscalers, as well as Accenture’s worldwide workforce of more than 75,000 SAP software practitioners’ expertise and experience.