Accenture to Acquire MSP Sentia and Cloud Data Firm Tenbu

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The Sentia group, a European cloud consulting firm and managed service provider (MSP) with its main office in the Netherlands, facilitates private cloud and public cloud migrations and offers services for monitoring the digital user experience. Sentia has now agreed to sell its operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Bulgaria to Accenture (NYSE: ACN).

Sentia’s staff of over 310 cloud experts from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Bulgaria will join Accenture Cloud First. They possess more than 500 certifications. The acquisition’s financial terms weren’t made public.

Tenbu, a cloud data company that specializes in solutions for wise planning and decision-making through fields including analytics, big data, and machine learning, has also been bought by Accenture.

Through the acquisition of Sentia, Accenture will be able to offer end-to-end cloud infrastructure services across the spectrum of clouds, including public, private, and sovereign clouds.

The Sentia business in Denmark will continue to operate independently under the Sentia name, with Waterland Private Equity serving as its primary stakeholder. The transaction must meet typical closing requirements, including getting the necessary regulatory clearances, in order to be completed.

“Total enterprise reinvention starts with a solid digital core. To activate this digital core, organizations need to build a scalable, fit-for-purpose cloud foundation that provides the strategic agility they need to ensure their resilience and future competitiveness,” said Karthik Narain, Global Lead for Accenture Cloud First. “Adding Sentia’s specialists will enhance Accenture Cloud First’s migration and modernization services aimed at getting clients’ workloads to their optimal location on the cloud continuum – from public to edge and everything in between.”

“With Sentia, we are expanding our strategic infrastructure engineering and emerging technologies capabilities across Europe, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium,” said Roy Ikink, Lead for Accenture Cloud First Netherlands. “The Sentia team brings valuable experience with sovereign cloud strategies designed to help clients address local regulations and requirements around data privacy, access and control.”

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Sentia now offers cloud advising and delivery services that include migration, cloud transformation, and hybrid and multi cloud strategy, among others. Cloud managed services, cloud security services, and cloud infrastructure migration are among the company’s primary cloud control and optimization offerings. Sentia would additionally provide distinctive digital experience monitoring services that examine, follow, and forecast business applications and cloud services from the viewpoint of the end user.

“We’ve built Sentia into a leading managed cloud infrastructure transformation provider known for our ‘extreme ownership,’ customer intimacy and operational excellence in complex (often regulated) environments,” said Ian Zein, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Sentia. “Now we can take our deep experience in both public and private cloud transformation to help Accenture clients operate with greater speed and achieve stronger business outcomes at scale.”

The Acquisition of Tenbu

Karthik Narain, Global Lead for Accenture Cloud First
“Adding Sentia’s specialists will enhance Accenture Cloud First’s migration and modernization services,” said Karthik Narain, Global Lead for Accenture Cloud First.

Cloud data company Tenbu’s team of 170 data specialists, who collectively hold more than 150 certifications, will also join Accenture Cloud First’s Data & AI division. This acquisition’s financial terms were also not made public.

By bringing the company’s data and AI experience, industry depth, and repeatable innovation with the cloud ecosystem, the acquisition would broaden Accenture’s ‘Cloud First’ capabilities throughout Latin America and beyond, enabling clients to fully realize the value of their data. Tenbu is the eleventh company Accenture has acquired in the previous five years with headquarters in Latin America, along with Wolox and Ergo in Argentina and Organize Cloud Labs in Brazil.

“Our goal is to help clients with total enterprise reinvention by building their digital core, optimizing operations and accelerating growth – and cloud data and AI are fundamental to a strong digital core,” added Karthik Narain. “Adding the Tenbu team will expand our capabilities to help companies drive new services, growth and resilience using data from across the cloud continuum for intelligent decision-making.

“With changing business and operating models, evolving architectures, applications and data, clients are looking for help to understand how they can monetize across the cloud continuum,” said Paulo Ossamu, who leads Accenture Technology in Latin America. “The Tenbu team brings vast data and AI specialists to draw up clear priorities and help keep different parts of our clients’ organizations aligned to achieve specific business outcomes.”

A company with its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Tenbu aims to inspire people to use data creatively. Disruptive technology and talent transformation are used to achieve this goal. Tenbu uses a 360-degree approach to help its clients through the whole cloud data journey, combining data, technology, and talent to revolutionize businesses.

“Joining the Accenture Cloud First team will enable us to bring our specialized skills to help clients make smart, well-informed decisions that generate value,” said Carlos Pinto, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Tenbu. “It’s also a massive growth opportunity for our people to be integrated with Accenture Cloud First and to team up on business opportunities across the Accenture business.”