Achieve service and cost to serve goals

ToolsGroup Service Optimizer 99+ (SO99+)

ToolsGroup SO99+ service-driven planning platform automates and optimizes supply chain planning tasks by orchestrating all the planning variables at the lowest level of detail using advanced algorithms and self-learning AI technology.

Demand Planning and Sensing
An accurate demand modeling, forecasting daily demand at the SKU/Location level. SO99+ employs a single, self-adaptive method that models uncertainty for all items, slow and fast movers. Our probability-based forecasting approach automatically generates a range of possible inventory levels for each SKU/Location with high and low limits—just like a weather forecast.

Inventory Optimization
ToolsGroup’s self-adaptive inventory models automatically define the optimal mix of inventory across the multi-echelon supply chain to achieve aggressive service level targets with minimal inventory. The exchange curve shows the average inventory required (as well as the corresponding safety stock, re-order level and order up to level), enabling planners to understand the trade-off between inventory and fill rate. It displays the relationship between stock and service across a wide range of relevant parameters, even for very high service levels, and for both fast movers and lumpy/intermittent “long tail” demand.

Allocation & Replenishment
SO99+ dynamically replenishes optimal inventory at each node to guarantee the planned service level in a multi-echelon network and defines the right mix of requirements to feed production and other upstream processes (such as Purchasing). Replenishment plans consider supply constraints so planners meet service level targets without building excess inventory.

ToolsGroup’s full S&OP helps you take your process to the next level. Collaborate to create and compare supply and demand scenarios. Configure business workflows to ensure you can execute what you plan—with the highest service and the lowest cost.

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