Acronis Acquires nScaled, Adds Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service to its Cloud Data Protection Offering

Acronis, a global provider of data protection solutions, has acquired nScaled, a San Francisco-based provider of Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). With the addition of nScaled technology, Acronis adds a capability to restore to a cloud hosting environment. Customers are enabled to restore their operations without waiting for replacement hardware to restore on-premises.

The acquisition of nScaled completes the Acronis cloud backup offering with a Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution. As a result, a single source for backup and disaster recovery protection will be available.

Customers currently using Acronis Backup-as-a-Service solution will get a capability to restore their systems to a cloud hosting environment in case of disasters, and quickly restore operations if replacement hardware is not available. The extensive network of existing Acronis partners will make the complete cloud backup and disaster recovery solution available to all customers in the world, significantly increasing the geography for nScaled technology.

Dallas, Ashburn and London

cloud-backupFounded in 2009, nScaled has hundreds of customers in North America and the United Kingdom. The company manages petabytes of storage and several thousand servers in a global network of geographically distributed cloud hosting data centers based in Dallas, Ashburn and London. nScaled’s solutions are also viable as an on-premises appliance, managed as one seamless infrastructure with cloud hosting data centers.

“Ensuring the availability and reliability of IT services is critical to supporting customers and internal users,” said Bradley Kolb, CEO of nScaled. “As part of the Acronis team, nScaled will have access to even more resources globally to further evolve our disaster recovery services, delivering enhanced protection of our customers’ IT infrastructure, applications, and data.”

Earlier this month, Acronis announced the acquisition of BackupAgent, a cloud backup provider in the Netherlands.

Founded in 2002, Acronis has established itself as a fast-growing global provider of backup, disaster recovery, and secured file sharing and file access solutions, with more than 650 employees in 18 countries and partners in almost every country in the world.