Actionable AI insights using Translation and Natural Language (Cloud Next '19)

Using Google machine learning, customers leverage Cloud Translation to dynamically translate between languages and Cloud Natural Language to derive insights from unstructured text document. Join us to hear how WeLocalize, a professional translation and localization service, are using one of the new Translation features to improve translation quality at scale while gaining efficiencies. DocuSign, the market-leading e-signature and agreements company, will showcase its use of a few new Natural Language features to help streamline the manual process of identifying and tagging fields required for signature in electronic contracts and other agreement documents.

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Speaker(s): Kiran Kaza, Sudheera Vanguri, Sarah Weldon, Olga Beregovaya

Session ID: MLAI100
product:AutoML Natural Language,AutoML Natural Language,Cloud Vision API,AI,TensorFlow; fullname:Sudheera Vanguri,Sarah Weldon;

Duration: 46:54
Publisher: Google Cloud
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