Active vs Staging Sites in BoldGrid

BoldGrid staging is unique since it allows you to build a new version of your site without affecting the current “Live” website.

This is done by separating the sites into two different versions: “Active” and “Staging”.

The “Active” site is your live site and is what everyone on the Internet sees.

Any changes made to the “Active” site are immediately available to the public.

Generally, small changes such as adding a new page or changing content is done to the “Active” site.

The “Staging” site is designed to allow you to build a new site with a completely different theme and layout while still maintaining the original.

This way you can see what the site will look like without affecting the “Active” version that everyone sees.

Once you have developed your new site in “Staging” you can deploy it at any time.

This switches your “Staging” site to the “Active” one, making it the public version.

From here the previously “Active” site is now your “Staging” site. If you want, you can delete this version and begin creating yet another “Staging” site.

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