Adaptiv Networks Unveils SD-WAN for Remote and Mobile Workers

Cloud-native SD-WAN-as-a-Service provider Adaptiv Networks has launched their new My Connect software solution, which provides secured SD-WAN connectivity. It would bring secured SD-WAN access to work-at-home and mobile users as a “simple, cost-effective” add-on service that eliminates the need for VPN hardware.

Remote employees have traditionally depended on corporate VPNs for secure access, but these technologies can be expensive while unable to establish easy scalability. Poor business network connectivity may also harm employee productivity.

By placing an SD-WAN edge device at the employees’ home office, many SD-WAN systems may provide remote workers with a VPN option. The SD-WAN edge device is more expensive, and it does not enable secure access for mobile users connecting from hotels, airports, or other remote areas.

Adaptiv Networks My Connect

Bernard Breton, CEO of Adaptiv Networks
“My Connect enables our SD-WAN customers to move beyond VPN. It’s a managed remote access solution that combines security with simplicity,” said Bernard Breton, CEO of Adaptiv Networks.

My Connect, a software solution from Adaptiv Networks, would provide cost-efficint and secured SD-WAN access from anywhere. It’s a software license that eliminates the requirement for an SD-WAN edge device and leaves the corporate data center free of VPN hardware. My Connect is presently available as a Windows program that offers secured, scalable access to the corporate SD-WAN through any Internet connection. It does not require IT administration because it is a managed service.

Adaptiv Networks also provides Home Edition versions of its SD-WAN and SD-INTERNET solutions, in addition to My Connect. Home Edition solutions are designed for those who work from home and rely on real-time audio and video conversations. The Adaptiv Edge CPE device powers these services, ensuring a “rich” user quality of experience for phone and video services, “with no dropped calls due to connection failure.” Adaptiv Networks now offers a comprehensive line of SD-WAN solutions for the expanding remote and mobile workforce by adding My Connect to the company’s current Home Edition offering.

“My Connect enables our SD-WAN customers to move beyond VPN. It’s a managed remote access solution that combines security with simplicity, allowing a hybrid workforce of home office and mobile workers to securely connect from anywhere using any Internet connection,” said Bernard Breton, CEO of Adaptiv Networks. “This software-only solution rounds out our existing portfolio of productivity-enhancing home office solutions that ensure employees have the right connectivity to get their work done.”

Adaptiv Networks has a 100% channel go-to-market approach, including training and marketing materials to help resellers convey the benefits of SD-WAN to their clients.