Adding or Replacing Images in BoldGrid

After installing BoldGrid and installing your first Inspiration, you are ready to start customizing your site to make it yours.

Some of the stock theme pages have images already in them.

You may want to replace those with your own.

You may also want to add more images to a page.

In this video, we will show you how to do that within your BoldGrid back end.

First, log into your BoldGrid dashboard.

Next, click on Pages from the left-hand sidebar menu

Select the page you want to work with and click either the page name, or hover over it and click the Edit link.

Once on the page editor, find the image you want to replace.

Click on the image to cause the media toolbar to appear. Then click on the Change icon.

From the Replace Image page, you can either upload an image from your local machine, use an existing one from your upload library, or use the BoldGrid Connect Search to look for new images.

Click on the image you want to replace and then click the “Insert’ button in the lower right corner.

To add an image to your page, set your cursor to the location you want to add the image.

Now click the Add Media button.

Choose your image using the same methods as before.

Click on the image you want and then click on the “Insert” button in the lower right corner.

The image will be inserted. From here you can configure it however you like.

You can change its position, size, etc.

Once you have finished editing your page, click the Update button on the right hand side to save your changes.

And that is how you replace or add images in BoldGrid.

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