Adoption of Flash Memory in Dedicated Server Environment

At Hosting Journalist, during the last couple of months we have noticed that dedicated hosting providers are increasingly seeking significant performance upgrades and storage capacity raisings for their customers through the adoption of flash memory.

Although the flash memory market faces some scarcities lately, partly due to the alleged bulk purchasing of flash memory by smartphone manufacturers, we found out that quite some dedicated hosting providers at the moment show lots of interest in the integration of flash memory modules into their dedicated hosting solutions.

Even though the price points of flash memory modules are rather high, dedicated hosting clients show strong demands for this technology. With prices of sometimes tens of thousands of dollars per flash module, quite some hosting clients seem to be willing to pull out the wallet – to ensure that applications are running fast on dedicated servers with an accelerated caching performance, seamlessly handling large traffic spikes against low latency levels.


One of the most prominent flash memory solution providers is Fusion-io

The most prominent flash memory solution provider in the market at this moment is undeniably Fusion-io, an extremely fast growing tech company with world class flash memory products that managed bringing in Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as its Chief Technology Officer. Also, leading companies like NetApp and HP have embraced Fusion-io as a strategic and important technology partner.

Last month, the global digital music service Spotify adopted the Fusion-io Memory platform on its servers to rapidly deliver music from its Apache Cassandra database to listeners worldwide. It’s one of those customer examples where significant advantages are gained by investing in flash memory solutions.