Advanced Data Cleanup Techniques using Cloud Dataprep (Cloud Next '19)

In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta and how its advanced capabilities address the complex data manipulations required by customers for common use cases like sales analytics and category management. Challenges include working with third-party data with different formats and standards needed to assess and transform to be combined into a single consistent view. After structuring and assessing data quality with Cloud Dataprep, joining (fuzzy matching), and unioning data, you need to pivot and aggregate the data into various logical time sessions to provide meaningful insights and useful pattern trends. Based on this use case, we will demonstrate the advanced features of Cloud Dataprep to master data preparation and generate an easy-to-manage, self-documented logic that can be scheduled with dynamic parameters for repeatable outcomes.

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Speaker(s): Cindy Sood, Sean Ma

Session ID: DA309
product:BigQuery,Cloud for Marketing;

Duration: 00:44:18
Publisher: Google Cloud
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