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Increase your IT SALES today. Advertise with HostingJournalist.com

HostingJournalist.com is a fast-growing global technology news portal with innovative brand exposure options focusing on cloud, (web) hosting and data center services. Readers around the globe are enjoying our daily news articles and video feeds. HostingJournalist.com has a variety of advertising opportunities available, including display advertising as well as native advertising options in HostingJournalist.com’s editorial section.

Native advertising on HostingJournalist.com provides you the opportunity to execute your content marketing campaign at the right time with the right message and guaranteed editorial coverage. HJ’s native advertising options include featured articles in the regular editorial news section. Our editors will be happy to assist you in aligning your content marketing strategy and execution.

HostingJournalist.com’s display advertising is not limited to the banner formats and positions being offered through the media kit. In case of unique requirements, we will be more than happy to assist you in setting up your ad campaign based on specific needs.

Media Kit

When you’re interested in utilizing the Hostingjournalist.com platform for building brand awareness and sales, we can send you our MEDIA KIT and our detailed and up-to-date traffic statistics.

Please send an email to sales@hostingjournalist.com. We will also be delighted to discuss your custom (native) advertising needs.

Hostingjournalist.com statistics in 2017 (January – October)

2,01 million+ page views
320 thousand+ visits
140 thousand+ unique visitors
Average visiting time: 296 seconds

Campaign Benefits for IT Marketers within the cloud, hosting and data center segment

• Effectively engage with cloud, hosting and data center prospects globally
• Launch cross-channel media campaigns on a global scale
• Reach highly targeted cloud, hosting and data center audiences globally
• Run lead-generating banner ads
• Ability to build a data-driven content marketing strategy
• Share and promote company video content
• Boost search engine rankings (SEO)/traffic
• Find viable cloud, hosting and data center candidates globally for job vacancies
• And much more…