Advice for new Kubernetes developers | AMA with Eric Brewer

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In this video, Google Cloud Developer Advocate, Stephanie Wong, speaks with Google Fellow, Eric Brewer, to answer your burning questions about Kubernetes. You’ll hear about Kubernetes at the edge, the future of coprocessors, Kubernetes for data analytics, and much more!

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Can we make use of Kubernetes at the edge?
2:02 – What would Kubernetes look like in the data analytics space?
2:32 – What is the future for co-processors in the Kubernetes space?
5:00 – What is the right balance between public clouds and private clouds?
6:39 – What is the next big thing Google is hoping to externalize?
8:35 – Conclusion

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product: Cloud – General; fullname: Stephanie Wong, Eric Brewer;

Duration: 00:09:14
Publisher: Google Cloud
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