AFORE Releases Data Encryption for VMware vCloud Hybrid Service

AFORE Solutions, Inc., a provider of cloud security and data encryption management solutions in multi-tenant private, public cloud hosting and hybrid clouds, has announced availability of CloudLink SecureVSA, a data encryption solution for VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.

cloud-securityCloudLink SecureVSA allows organization to bring their own encryption to vCloud Hybrid Service in the form of a virtual storage encryption appliance, making data inaccessible to other tenants, cloud administrators and outsiders.

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service simplifies the complexity of managing hybrid cloud environments by enabling customers to seamlessly extend their private data centers to a public cloud hosting environment without needing to invest in new processes or tools to support the deployment. Adding AFORE CloudLink SecureVSA addresses data privacy and regulatory compliance concerns with an advanced security policy that automates encryption management and enables VMware customers to have exclusive control of the encryption keys.

Key benefits of CloudLink SecureVSA for VMware vCloud Hybrid Service would include:

  • Easily deployed agentless solution requiring no changes to workloads and applications.
  • Familiar deployment leveraging VMware tools including VMware vSphere, vCloud Director and vCloud Automation Center.
  • Encrypt on a “per-VM” basis rather than the entire virtual data center.
  • Flexible key management including customer controlled keys.
  • Single encryption management plane across hybrid cloud.

“VMware designed the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service to offer the agility of a public cloud hosting environment while providing full compatibility with customers’ existing data center infrastructure, making the migration easy and predictable,” said Ajay Patel, vice president of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. “In a similar fashion, AFORE CloudLink addresses data privacy concerns with a hybrid cloud encryption solution that is transparent to applications and uses familiar VMware deployment and management tools.”